Sunday, August 23, 2009

Grace Loves Horses

Grace has been taking riding lessons. She has learned how to groom, saddle and ride horses. She is a natural and the horses love her.
Grace started out on Baby Doll. She had been raised in a house and was very gentle.

"Trot, trot, Pretty Boy"

Princess on Princess (she's Graces favorite).

Gwen loves horses, too.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Best Staycation Ever!

Gwen, Isabelle and Grace love the Royals
We were so lucky this year to have vacation come to us. At the height of the fun we had two brothers, two sis-in-laws, a sister and nine cousins staying at our house plus we got to hang out with numerous other local cousins. Wild Times!! We loved every minute of it.

Grace, Abigail and Heather love Great Wolf Lodge.

On a trip to Crown Center Mall complete with fudge making and a trip to Kalidascope.

We celebated Isabelle's 8th Birthday with an Ice Cream Cake and cousins.

Gwen, Heidi, Carson, Grace, Holli, Clayton, Cody, Bethany, Miranda, Gabe and Chase enjoy a picnic at Adam-ondi -ahmen.

The Kansas City Zoo Rocks! We made it to Africa and luckily the tram was there to bring us back.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Betsy's 40th Birthday!

This is the big one! My surprise 40th birthday party. Several of my siblings came out for the event and I was very surprised. Here are some pictures of the family at Far West.
Here are the cousins sitting at the Far West Memorial.
Here I am with my sister Alice and my niece Heidi. What a fun weekend. Dennis, you are the best husband ever.